Meal Prep Services

- For Indianapolis Area -

On this special meal prep program I will create a personalized weekly menu based on your and your family diet, eating habits and health goals (lose weight, gain muscle, eat less sugar...) and I will delivery for you all the meals for a week or more.


Change your life and increase your vitality and health with new healthy eating habits!

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"My main goals when starting the meal prep program were to start a healthy journey and I needed help getting started.

I have lost 20 lbs so far and my health is improving which was my goal. So, I am very happy how this turned out. The biggest tangible change I noticed was how easy it was to transition to eating healthier with a weekly planned meal prep and guidance. The most significant global change I noticed was how different the food tasted when eating organic, which I never realized before.

Rita is VERY knowledgeable about food and what needs to be done to reach your goals. The food was always very tasty and she asked for my likes and dislikes so that she worked around what we wanted. She was awesome and very easy to get along with. Definitely will recommend her to all of my friends and family or anyone wanting to start a healthy eating journey for whatever reason. " 

- Susanna McAndrews

What they are saying...

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How does it work?

1. You schedule a 30-minute FREE consultation, so I can learn more about your goals and needs of a meal prep service.

2. You choose the best option for you - to know about the meal prep service options, contact me below.

3. You will receive a week menu between Thursday-Friday and after you approval, deliveries are made on Monday.