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Ready to detoxify and restore your life, getting rid of toxins with a body-mind approach?


10-Day Detox Challenge

I know how tiring it is when you:


  • Looks for comfort in food, consuming sweets, fast food, and processed foods in excess

  • Feels slow and tired since getting out of bed

  • You have tried all the diets in the world, but you still face problems with your weight

  • Have headaches, digestion problems, inflammation in the body, premature aging

  • Feeling depressed or anxious

I know that all you want is to feel confident with yourself, motivated to follow new healthy habits, and connect to live your best version, a new you!

You want a chance to start a new cycle, with more motivation, with a new perspective on a healthy life, free of physical and mental toxins!

Over the years, because of a diet low in nutrients, processed foods, bad health habits, and also negative thoughts, we accumulate toxins in our bodies.

These toxins leave us overweight, sick, and without energy with aged skin and hair.

 But, I will tell you something...


You can actually transform your body-mind in only 10 days when you address these 3 areas:


What you are putting into your body,

What you are doing with your body and

What you are saying to yourself.

The 10-Day Detox Challenge is perfect for you if:

  • You know you have to give up old unhealthy habits, but you are overwhelmed with things to do at work and in life in general.

  • You are feeling tired and without energy that you only think about the weekend to forget your problems and have a glass of wine or eat a bar of chocolate.

  • Deep down, you know what you need to do to have a healthier life, but you need a little push.

  • You would love a professional help to create new healthy habits for good.

  • You are not a super expert on healthy eating, but you are willing to learn the basics.

  • You are very passionate about life and want to feel better physically and mentally, lose a few pounds maybe, and have more vitality.


Now, this program would not be good for you if:

  • You don't want to change anything in your routine.

  • You have no idea what you want to do or how to start creating new health habits.

  • You have tried everything in terms of healthy eating and feeling better about his physical and mental pains and no longer want to try anything new.

I created this program because many women struggle to have a healthy and balanced life.

Nowadays we have many opportunities to eat well, to have access to various information for a healthy life. However, this same volume of information can be a bit confusing, what to do, what to do next?

And it turns out that we are more confused than informed and ready to change our health habits.

That's why I'm sure the program will be amazing for you as it was for more 300 women around the world.

 What They Are Saying 

Barbara Rodrigues

I lost weight and felt lighter. But, more important than that, I really feel that I detoxified physically and mentally, and I did not imagine the detox to be emotionally clean as well. It was ten days feeling more connected to myself, leaving old and bad feelings to go away, and exchanging for greater care with me. The positive things being ingested by taking out the garbage from within."


Milena Blyth

It was wonderful! I felt calmer, cleaner, more active and grounded!!!

I have loved everything from preparation to the end of detox! I felt loaded with information! I highly recommend everyone this detox!”

mary shepherd.jpg

Mary Shepherd

“Thank you again for all of the good information! I learned so much - this was so much more than I imagined it would be! I already had a good base because I have always been a "health nut" type, but I picked up so many good tips from you that I had no idea! Also, the valuable information you provided after my 30 minutes consultation. Following a group also helped because I felt more accountable and your daily check-ins really helped keep my focus! I will refer you to my friends and hope they check you out! Thanks & many blessings!”

Monique Cardoso

“It was very nice to reconnect with the habit of cooking for me, to taste the flavor of each food, to make the combinations with pleasure. The menu is not restrictive when it comes to real food. Instead. I have not lost more than a pound, but I am already fit. The main change is in relation to digestion, which becomes almost imperceptible because everything you eat is of good quality and well done. The feeling of weight or nause simply does not exist. The premenstrual swelling, which coincided with detox, was much lower. No matter how much we inform ourselves, learning in practice is what makes us aware of how we are - were! - dependent on things without quality. I intend to keep the instructions to really incorporate smarter eating habits.”

monique cardoso.jpeg

What will you get from the 10-Day Detox Challenge program?

The 10-Day Detox Challenge is a 17-day body-mind detox program

- 7 days of preparation and 10 of detoxification - which provides its participants with protocols, recipes, exercises, meditations, community, and continuous support for the group.



But the 10-Day Detox Challenge is more than a program, it's a life-changing movement.

What will you receive when participating in the program?

Healthy Food Guidelines and Protocol


You’ll know what to eat, what to avoid, when, and how. Also, you will have access to more than 30 healthy easy-to-prepare recipes for your cleanse ($300 value)

Wellness protocol


In addition to food, you will also receive wellness instructions to increase your quality of life and enhance your detox. ($250 value)

Video cooking tutorials

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to take the best benefits of the recipes. Learn even how to adjust the recipes to your taste and more cooking tips. ($150 value)

Meditations and Breathing Technique

You will learn how to relax and improve your energy creating a healthy mindset. ($150 value)

Q&A in an exclusive area


Have questions and need more guidance? You will have access to me throughout the challenge in the exclusive area of the program. ($500 value)

30-minute private health coaching session


Imagine being able to have your questions answered by me in a live session. You’ll get to do that once for 30 minutes. ($800 value)

Community support


Believe me. Being part of a group with like-minded ladies can help a lot! (Priceless)



Workout Series

You will have access to 2 special workout series developed by a personal trainer to do at home with no need for equipment. ($250 value)


Natural Beauty Guide

Learn how to create a toxin-free lifestyle and promote healthier and glowing skin and hair. 

($150 value)

Aline Salcedo.jpg

Aline Salcedo

"My goal with this Detox was quite clear: to go back to a healthy routine and thus return to my normal weight. I'm not the type to do everything wrong, but I'm very permissive with some “trash days”. I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition and wellness, but I learned much more: new habits, new and super useful recipes. I highly recommend the program! It's a gift to ourselves, from the inside out and the outside inside!"


Fernanda Almeida

"I felt more willing and calmer. I noticed that my teeth turned whiter, my hair softer, and my skin brighter."

Photo May 15, 2 59 04 PM.jpg
Who is behind the program?
Hi! I’m Rita Avellar, health coach and healthy lifestyle expert.
I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I was trained by the IIN - Institute of Integration Nutrition in US. I’ve helping people addressing these mind-body issues since 2016 and with my 10-Day Detox Challenge program I have already helped more than 300 women all over the world.
I used to be like you. That after lunch would feel miserable, with no energy at all and having difficulty to lose weight even doing everything right. Besides that, I felt headaches all the time, allergies with no explanation and tons of digestion issues.
I reclaimed my health by listening to my body needs and connecting to my inner voice.
What is 10-Day Detox Challenge Worth?

10-Day Detox Challenge is valued at approximately $2,550

But, what’s Your Investment?




That’s less than your UNHEALTHY eating-out you do (I know!!), less than detox-spa program, and how about to say it is PRICELESS since it is something you are doing for your lifelong health.

Join Us Now
More Questions?

1. Can anyone join in?

This program is only for women but is not recommended for pregnant women, with kidney failure or cancer.


2. Who created this program?

I, Rita Avellar. I'm a health coach from IIN - Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a healthy lifestyle expert, and the founder of the Healthy Busy Bee website.

3. When will the program start?

Anytime you want. ;) When you start you will have 7 days to prepare yourself, watch the videos, read the PDF files and then, enter the 10-day cleanse phase. 


4. What does this program contain?

There are videos and e-books that you will receive with the step-by-step, workouts, recipes, and meditations.


5. What is the value?

$ 97 for the whole program, all material, support through a members-only area, and also a 30-minute individual session with me, which can be scheduled at any time during the cleanse.


6. Can I lose weight during the 10 days?

All results will depend on your effort and commitment. The major purpose of this cleanse is to eliminate physical and mental toxins and with this, you can get the most varied benefits, one of them is weight loss.


7. I don't like/cannot cook, can I join in anyway?

In this program it is suggested that you make your own food, so you have greater control of what is used in terms of ingredients. The suggestion is to make the most of it, after all, it's only 10 days.


8. I don't exercise, can I do this cleanse?

Yes, the sequence of physical exercises was designed to be done at home in a small space and there is no need for equipment.


9. I have a trip, vacation, or other excuses.... but I want to do the detox, can I do it later?

In everything we do we need dedication and this dedication needs to be aligned with your purposes, if you feel like doing it, you will, there will be no excuse. ;)

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