Vitality Hacks for

Busy Women

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Transform Your Life

Have more energy on
your daily routine
If you start your day already tired, there is something wrong. By understanding what is happening in your body and mind, you can achieve better results in all areas of your life.
Learn how to nourish your body and mind
By finding out what makes you happy, which foods nourish or deplete your body of nutrients, listening your body needs and going deep into your
life purposes.
Increase your capacity
of healing yourself
When we connect our 3 bodies, physical, mental and spiritual and balance them, we increase our chances of natural healing.

Lana Furnish

US Navy

Simply put, Rita was awesome! I was challenged to look deeper. And she cut through my bs, gracefully, to help me see the whole picture.  Lana Furnish  US Navy

Ivana Alves

Marketing Manager

Being in the program is like an awakening. It is a delicate and restrained direction of take life more calmly and calm yourself. It's like having a helping hand and a book to see "how to act" on the situations that most afflict you.

Julia Evangelista


I loved the program! Above all, it was an amazing self-process! I found questions about myself and my body that even in years of therapy I had never thought. Through this connection with myself is much easier to understand the signs of my body, take care of myself and not fall into such current traps before the program.

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Who is Rita Avellar?

Entrepreneur and marketing professional for the creative market for more than 10 years and with a long experience in teaching and consulting for the fashion market.


Today, she helps busy women to increase their awareness about healthy lifestyle and truly change their lives.

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Be more productive, have more energy to live your life to the fullest by applying 7 hacks to boost your vitality.