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14 Day Hormone Balance Detox
by Angela Sidlo

Jumpstart your metabolism and balance your hormones

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The 14 Day Hormone Balance Detox program
is designed to:
  • Successfully guide you through balancing 7 key hormones that manage metabolism, energy, mood and more.

  • Teach you how to identify which hormones might be holding you back from experiencing true health and wellness.

The 14 Day Hormone Balance Detox program by Angela Sidlo includes:

- Done-for-you guides

- Menu plans

- Recipes

- Shopping lists.


The videos offer tips for success and will help you develop your own eating style for sustainable weight loss and good health for years to come. Hormone Balance Detox works for both men and women and is doctor approved. There is also a supportive Hormone Balance Detox Facebook group for you to participate in as well. Join us and create a new you this year!

About Angela Sidlo

Angela Sidlo is an IIN Certified Health Coach, Holistic Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Author and Educator. For nearly 2 decades she has been working with clients on a body, mind, spirit level to help them find balance and a life that allows them to thrive.

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14 Day Hormone Balance Detox includes:

  • Jumpstart Guide 

  • Toxicity Questionnaire 

  • Detox Daily Journal 

  • Detox Calendar 

  • January Detox Kick-Off Webinar Recording 

  • Prep Week

  • Pantry Purge Party 

  • Dirty Dozen - Clean 15 List 

  • Sleep Hacks 

  • Detox Food Charts

  • Menu Plans & Recipes

  • Recipes for a Successful Detox

  • A couple of bonuses

  • One payment of $147

Payment Plans


  • 2 payments of $85 month 

More Questions?

Contact Healthy Busy Bee team here.

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